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These materials are from some of the people who participated in the Independent Study Program at Point Loma High School during 1967-1970, an educational experiment in unstructured learning. Most of the action occurs during 1970-1976 as the principals migrated from San Diego to Berkeley and other locales, acquired significant others, and otherwise engaged with life. Given their limitations as archival objects – they are nothing more than what they purport to be – they most likely are not representative. However, they illustrate some of the projects and concerns of those involved, and are intrinsically interesting in their own right. Further observations and documentation are welcome in order to clarify the impressions or elaborate on the ideas expressed in the letters, or to present a different perspective.

Dramatis Personae

Michael Fellows: Author of most of the letters. A brilliant if inconsistent philosopher and theorist. His primary interests during the period of the letters were educational policy and issues arising out of his enlistment in the U.S. Air Force. Friend of David and Robert. Mary’s boyfriend for a while. Present whereabouts unknown. David: “I think about him from time to time, and miss him.”

Richard Fellows: Michael’s brother.

David Kronemyer: Recipient of most of the letters. His side of the correspondence is lost. Phenomenologist and musician. Friend of Michael and Robert. Kathryn’s boyfriend for a while. Now a researcher and clinician at the UCLA School of Medicine. “I don’t know why Michael entrusted me with this material, much of which is private notes and correspondence with others. Even though unknown to me, he did so for a reason. I put it in a box and, mainly through inadvertence, I was able to hang on to it over the years. My soul tells me that now is the right time to let it come forth.”

Robert Nuese: Metaphysician, trumpeter. Friend of Michael and David. Ginger’s boyfriend for a while. Present whereabouts unknown. David: “He was so spirited, I miss him, too.”

Others: too numerous to mention.

Michael to David

Michael to David 3-16-1973

Michael to David 4-20-1973

Michael to David 4-23-1973

Michael to David 12-26-1973

Michael to David 2-13-1974

Michael to David 8-22-1974

Michael to David 11-28-1974

Michael to David 11-12-1974

Michael to David 11-6-1974a

Michael to David 11-6-1974

Michael to David 11-4-1974

Michael to David 9-26-1974

Michael to David 1-17-1975

Michael to David 1-28-1975

Michael to David 2-11-1975

Michael to David 2-22-1975

Michael to David 2-24-1975a

Michael to David 2-24-1975b

Michael to David 3-5-1975

Michael to David 3-18-1975

Michael to David 3-21-1975

Michael to David 8-7-1975

Michael to David 8-18-1975a

Michael to David 8-18-1975b

Michael to David 8-18-1975c

Michael to David 8-18-1975d

Michael to David 9-6-1975

Michael to David 12-26-1975

Michael to David 12-29-1975

Michael to David 1975 (?)

Michael to David 2-18-1976

Michael to David 8-30-1976

Michael to David 8-16-1976

Michael to David 3-19-1976

Michael to David 1-26-1977

Michael to David 3-14-1977

Michael to David undated1

Michael to David undated2

Michael to David undated3

Michael to David undated4

Michael to David and Kathryn

Michael to David & Kathryn 10-25-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 10-30-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 11-16-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 11-28-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 12-7-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 12-9-1972

Michael to David & Kathryn 1-17-1973

Michael to David & Kathryn 3-8-1973

Michael to David & Kathryn 1974 (?)

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated1

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated2

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated3

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated4

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated5

Michael to David & Kathryn – undated6

Michael Notes and various

Dick Fellows to Mr. Lorch 12-23-1972

Patrick Grim paper Fact Schmact and Science Fiction 12-1972

Sara to Michael 8-9-1972

Dick questions 2-1973

Michael notes 3-13-1973

Unknown to Michael 4-3-1973

Michael notes on Independent Study 1-24-1974

Michael notes 2-18-1976

Moving Toward a New Society – pamphlet undated

The Enemy Conquered; or, Love Triumphant by C. Ragsdale MacLintock (McLintock?) – a pseudonym of Mark Twain

The Enemy Conquered – cover

Michael notes – undated

Michael’s list of existential questions – undated

Michael’s remarks on Personal Civilization – undated

Michael to Dick

Michael to Dick 11-23-1972

Michael to Dick 11-30-1972

Michael to Dick 12-1-1972

Michael to Dick 12-2-1972

Michael to Dick 1-7-1973

Michael to Dick 1-16-1973

Michael to Dick 2-4-1973

Michael to Dick 2-6-1973a

Michael to Dick 2-6-1973b

Michael to Dick 2-7-1973

Michael to Dick 2-17-1973

Michael to Dick 2-18-1973

Michael to Dick 2-20-1973

Michael to Dick 2-26-1973

Michael to Dick 2-27-1973

Michael to Dick 3-1-1973

Michael to Dick 3-2-1973

Michael to Dick 3-6-1973

Michael to Dick 3-6-1973a

Michael to Dick 3-6-1973b

Michael to Dick 3-14-1973

Michael to Dick 3-23-1973

Michael to Dick 4-3-1973

Dick to Michael

Dick to Michael 12-7-1972

Dick to Michael 1-23-1973

Dick to Michael 2-13-1973

Dick to Michael 2-21-1973

Dick to Michael 3-8-1973

Dick to Michael 3-9-1973

Robert various

Robert to David & Kathryn 11-28-1972

Robert notes 2-18-1976

Robert to Michael – undated


Garbanzo Bean September 1975

Garbanzo Bean October 1975

Garbonzo Bean Holidays 1975

Life and Times February 1976

At the Learning Farm

Learning Farm – Bylaws – undated

Learning Farm – Roster – undated

Mary, Michael and ? – Autobiographical Statements – undated

Learning Farm – After-Hours Agenda – undated

Learning Farm – Financial Report – September 1976

Learning Farm – Wednesday Meeting Newsletter – 10-4-1976

Learning Farm – Report from the Wednesday Meeting – 10-14-1976

Learning Farm – Newsletter – 10-24-1976