David Kronemyer


March 13th, 2009 by David Kronemyer · 1 Comment

DAVID KRONEMYER: One of my favorite bands right before the psychedelic era was Paul Revere and the Raiders. One of their best songs was the Barry Mann – Cynthia Weil composition “Hungry”. There actually are a couple of different versions of this. The original is energetic but sounds terrible. A remixed version appears on the band’s “Greatest Hits” album. The remix is much clearer but still suffers from issues like erratic tempo, not to mention Mark Lindsay’s insipid whimpering. With maximum respect to my friend Terry Melcher, who I’m sure was doing the best he could with what he had. One afternoon I decided to do a remix of the remix, and here it is. I particularly wanted to emphasize the groovy sound of the bass break, the Vox Continental Organ, and to increase dynamic tension. It’s still a pretty slammin’ song 43 years later!