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Roger Linn – Dave Smith Collaboration

January 7th, 2009 by David Kronemyer · 2 Comments

DAVID KRONEMYER: I recently spent an afternoon at a colleague’s studio setting up the recent Roger Linn and Dave Smith instruments – AdrenaLinn I, AdrenaLinn II, AdrenaLinn III, Evolver and Morpho. The keyboard is a Midiman Oxygen 8; the mixer is a Midiman MicroMixer 18; and the patchbay is a Digital Music Corp. MX-28S. The AdrenaLinn I and the Evolver are the MX-28S controllers and the Oxygen 8 is for the Morpho (though of course it could be any other way around). Makes for a heavy beat, that’s for sure.  I can remember an album by a group named Clear Light in the late 1960s.  They released one record on Elektra.  Their bass player Doug Lubahn played on several Doors tracks.  What I remember most about them is “the fabulous sound of twin drummers in stereo” (or some such) as prominently advertised by their label (the band had two drummers).  This might be considered as a more recent version of the same concept.

Lately I have gotten interested in smaller devices as tools for musical expression. I can remember touring with huge keyboard set-ups. For some reason I’m losing interest in a lot of those instruments. They no longer intrigue the way they once did. I hear the call of a more minimalist approach. They beckon to me, beguilingly. “Come play with us,” they whisper. Increasingly I am inclined to accept (or at least experiment with) this invitation. Among other consequences they facilitate new modes of sonic expression. I will post an .mp3 if I come up with something reasonably satisfying. (I am tired of listening to people’s “tests” and various disorganized bleeps and bloops. If it isn’t at least somewhat musical, don’t bother.)

It will be interesting to see how the pending Roger Linn – Dave Smith collaboration turns out. As the shot illustrates they certainly appear to have a compatible design philosophy.

When I get the energy I will hook up some of their pre-MIDI stuff for comparison.

Thanks to Roger Linn and Dave Smith for their fantastic creations.