David Kronemyer


January 5th, 2009 by David Kronemyer · 1 Comment

DAVID KRONEMYER: Here is a song I recorded at a colleague’s studio entitled “Neurotica.”  It showcases the fabulous Resonator Neuronium designed by Jürgen Michaelis.  It all was performed live in real time (using a hardware MIDI sequencer) except the bass guitar part which I then overdubbed. The Resonator Neuronium comes in at bar 13 after the synth intro. Length is 1:50 so it won’t take that long to become intrigued by the possibilities presented by this unique device.

I have been endeavoring to deploy it with greater frequency. Conceptually it is akin to the Hartmann Neuron. It presents a daunting learning curve. Not so much how to plug it in and which dials to twirl but rather how to discern its hidden meaning, connectivity and potentiality. One must achieve a level of rapproachement with it and listen carefully to what it is trying to achieve. It will not bend to your will. There is no final “sound,” one does not progress towards an objective, rather it is an unfolding process of understanding.